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There are several ways to invest your money in M.I. Publishing. See Opportunities below.

On-target yearly earnings with current business model in the area of 1.6 million euro, with renewing market each academic year (Rep. of Ireland 55,000+ ABCDE male and female ages 16-19) and relatively low business costs due to the high level of automation of check-out, distribution and download. Business is substantially scalable to other markets both within Ireland and export potential abroad.




Right now, there’s two titles for sale catering for the lucrative Leaving Certificate Maths market, with cross selling opportunity (solutions to given practice exercises). This is in addition to assistive-technology electronic books and teachers resources being sold to schools and businesses, including downloadable Mock Examinations in English and translated to Irish, as well as student-teacher resources. Trading is done practically 100 percent online, with minimum customer interaction and developed anti-piracy and financial data protection systems. Any proposals considered, but not guaranteed to be accepted, and ideally any partnerships would be with Angel or other type investors ethical with good character. This may include at least partial ownership of the online shop ProjectMathsNotes.ie™ and use of the unique, novel, and highly effective Leaving Cert Higher and Ordinary Level revision products and learning resources available for sale on that site.

Current Opportunites:

    Investment sought Sale Or Return distro to bookshops in Ireland, looking to expand into hardback school textbook market. Typical arrangement would be investment in textbook printing/binding and distribution to shops, with a 50-50 split of profits with publisher. Start small and build it up from there. Initial investments could be as low as €1,000 and possibly scaled up as far as €17,000+ over time. Estimated Return is original investment plus 15 percent.

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